Yoga has been around for centuries. It epitomizes good health and relaxation, not to mention long life and great looks.🤩

Life has sped up over the years and has almost gone full circle, where we know realize that our health is as important as the money we provide!!!!🤑

Stretches should be done on a daily basis, it keeps the muscles flexible, strong and healthy.

Without stretching the muscles shorten and that’s what causes them to become tight.

You know the feeling when you have been sat at a computer for a long time!!!

The other issue with sitting at a desk all day is, that your head moves out of alignment with your spine, causing the weight of your head to become dis-proportionally heavy, again, tightening the neck and shoulder muscles.

Yoga classes, On-line videos, books and simply knowledge that has been passed down from generation gives us the ultimate opportunity to indulge😁

This does not suit everyone of course, what if you are so aware of what you need to do, you simply cannot get the motivation?

Would you find 10 minutes a day to lie on a mat that does all the stretching for you?

You don’t even need to worry about practicing mindfulness, it does it all for you with mediation sequences built in!!

Let me introduce the HoMEDICS ZEN STRETCH X S

You simply lay back and relax as it moves your body through a gentle but powerful sequence of yoga inspired stretches and twists.It consists of 4 precision controlled air chambers that rise and fall, like cocooning you in a soft embrace 🥰😍

Perfect end of the day 😇