By now I think everybody has seen images of a Massage gun. There are so many all over Instagram, Facebook and every gym picture now seems to have one in the background somewhere 😊

But what do they do?

Why are they so popular?

How do you use them?

Who would use them?

Hopefully, this article will answer those questions and more.

Massage guns are based on the principle of Percussion Therapy. This emulates the tapotement movement in a professional Massage sequence.

This is a brisk tapping movement which increases circulation and lymphatic flow to and from the area.

By doing this, you improve the amount of oxygenated blood in the area and increase the removal of metabolites (Waste by products) Therefore allowing the muscle to work at its ultimate.

This means that it is effective in preventing DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness)

Great for Gym Bunnies and Computer Users alike!!

  • Reduce inflammation by flushing extracellular fluids (Excess Lactic acid etc.)
  • Prevent muscle stiffness and fatigue by keeping them oxygenated, preventing stiff neck and shoulders
  • Reduce muscle cramps in legs, especially if used just before bed
  • Break down Scar tissue, bringing about a release in tight and stretched muscles
  • Highly recommended to use briefly before and after exercise or before settling in front of your computer for the day, and before leaving your desk for the evening

So why would be recommending self- massage? 

Surely, it is a conflict of interest!!!

There are so many reasons, more so in this pandemic as getting a massage can be more restricted, dependant on where you are in the Country.

No massage machine will ever be able to fulfil every need that a professional hand on massage will do.

As you know

15 minutes of chair massage on a regular basis will

  • Promote physical relaxation

  • Improve circulation, which nourishes cells and improves waste elimination
  • Relieve tight muscles (knots) and other aches and pains
  • Release nerve compression (carpel tunnel, sciatica)
  • Allow greater flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhance energy and vitality, improving workplace wellness.

What do you do in between treatments?

All the work we have done to reduce the stress and tension will easily come back unless physical changes to your way of life are made.

Of course, we must look at our stature while sitting in front of a computer, take regular breaks and really become aware of when our shoulders are up under our ears!!!

Warm up and cool down after any exercise etc., but just how good would it be to have a machine that keeps the effects going, in between massages

You are the best person to use the massage gun on yourself as your body will tell you where and when not to use it. You must listen to your body and stop, move the machine as soon as you feel any pins and needles or electrical tingling, as this means you could have touched a nerve.

Do not use over bone and extremely bony areas as this will be uncomfortable and aim for the thickest part of the muscle.

As Massage Therapists, we are taught specialized knowledge of the Human Anatomy along with specific massage techniques and that is why we use a consultative method when recommending our after- care products.

To allow the effects of your massage to go on between sessions is so important and that is the reason we do use the HoMEDICS product range currently.

We will always be 15% below the RRP and you receive a £10.00 massage voucher for every product purchased. You also have our full aftercare and ongoing support

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