We bring the portable Chairs with us. They are easily cleaned between clients, comfortable and are adjustable to suit all sizes.

You sit leaning forward with your head resting comfortably in a head rest. This gives us easy access to your back, neck shoulders and arms.

You are fully clothed, and each session is either 10/15/20 minutes so fits in with lunch breaks etc.

The massage pressure is an individual choice, so you decide how strong you like and need.

It is a mixture of Deep Tissue, Acupressure and Myofascial techniques and will release tension caused by sitting in front of a computer for long periods.

Benefits are many;

Physical Health by increasing the circulation, this can lower blood pressure and strengthen your immune system. Increases Lymphatic flow, releasing toxins and excess lactic acid. This allows muscles to relax, prevent fibrous build-up  and strengthens

Mental Wellness by reducing stress, decrease anxiety, improve overall mood, increase alertness and energy, soothe nerves!!

Mindfulness by enforcing 10/15/20 minutes of me time, allowing your brain to reset and analyse information inputted

Relaxation by improving sleep where the body can recharge ready for the next day!!