Massage at work!! Whatever next!!

Did you know that all surveys taken about productivity in the workplace show a similar pattern?

Productivity and engagement are disrupted due to absenteeism and presenteeism.

(you may be guilty of the latter without even realizing it!!)

More working days are lost due to Mental Health.

For at least 33% appeared to come from work related stress.

A large amount of employees suffer from  Musculoskeletal  disorders, with over 25% of those being Chronic

Different size organisations offer different amounts of health interventions but only a small amount of employees seem to have awareness of these

SO!!  What if one of those intervention’s was a 10- or 20-minute On-Site Chair massage per employee? This would cost the company from just  £10 -per employee.

The results are proven, so your ROI is a definite PLUS Imagine how much more business a productive employee will achieve!!

How much loyalty will they feel towards the company and how you will attract and retain the best talent!!

Productivity and engagement-Increased in companies regularly offering onsite massage

Mental health-Lowered absenteeism due to feelings of depression or anxiety

Wellness at Work-The feeling that the company genuinely cares for its employees is priceless in the retention of and the quest for those elusive highly talented candidates

Lifestyle and physical health-Repetitive strain syndrome, spinal and muscular back issues are decreased, again lowering absenteeism due to these ailments

General Well-being-Low esteem is addressed and feelings of being valued are increased. Being just a number disappears and the repayment for hard work put in by the gift of a massage again is priceless

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