April offers us 30 full days of recognising and understanding the impact of pressure in the workplace. I’m sure we all understand that on the odd occasion our jobs are busier than usual, we may need to ramp things up for a few days or weeks. 

Employees are usually happy to do so if they feel like they’ll be appreciated for it and that the managers realise it’s not sustainable forever… However, when this extra stress builds up and up – it can feel like there will never be a moment of release. Trying to keep up with tight deadlines and extra responsibilities on top of the usual pressures of the role can impact your employees in many ways. 

It is known that staff who feel under excessive pressure on a daily basis are four times more likely to be disengaged at work and twice as likely to be demotivated. This leads to poor results and people just generally not bothering! As well as this, high levels of anxiety can impact physical as well as mental health. 

So if you’re looking for happy, motivated team members and decreased levels of absence – April is a great excuse to become more aware and understanding of the impact of pressure in the workplace. It happens to everyone and so we know you’ll benefit too. 

We want to give you some ideas to relieve excess stress as well and realise why it’s so important to invest in wellbeing. 

Physical Implications

A certain amount of stress can be positive – helping us work efficiently and remain productive throughout the day. However, for this to be sustainable and not damaging, it has to be within a range the individual can keep up with. 

Noticing the impact of pressure in the workplace can be easier than you think. Some tell-tale signs in your employee’s physical health may be:

  • Complaints of frequent headaches
  • Regular colds, flu and infections
  • Overall low energy
  • Low mood and decreased desire to socialise outside of work
  • Aches and pains
  • Frequent absence from work
  • Stomach issues

These symptoms just go to show how damaging long term stress can be on someone’s mind and body. The possibility of burnout will skyrocket with prolonged pressure. If businesses don’t implement means of curbing this and monitoring their staff – the results and culture of the company could well be impacted negatively too. 

Wellbeing Treatment

The Impact Of Pressure In The Workplace1

The physical aspects of stress can be addressed with over the counter medication for pain or stiffness, but staff may also need to take time off to properly recover and give their body some much-needed rest!

We understand that this can be detrimental to the running of a business, especially if you find yourself understaffed or with high-level employees taking regular time away from work. To get around this, we need to make sure everyone is being properly looked after.

So, during those times where business has picked up slightly or you run into some extra projects, why not do something to ease the strain? A lot of professions suffer from muscle aches and pains. Desk jobs can be the worst for this – leaving you in a hunched position for hours on end without much exercise or stretching in between. 

Your joints will stiffen and neck, shoulder and back muscles will get tight. A corporate office massage will offer some amazing relief from this physical impact of pressure in the workplace. 

Employees may not have access to regular massages outside of work due to the high cost of spas and treatments. So, working it into the monthly routine will show the team how much you appreciate the work they put in. It will help relax their bodies during the day and give them a chance to step away from the screen for a little while. 

Don’t forget – everyone has the opportunity to benefit, so you’ll get your turn!

Mental Implications

A huge part of the impact of pressure in the workplace is the toll it can take on employees’ mental health. Still a huge stigma in our daily lives, oftentimes people will go months or even years without bringing up their mental struggles. This can have an even more profound effect on someone’s quality of life and ability to work than some of the physical symptoms!

People coming into work each day with low mood, anxiety and or depression will be far less motivated to work well. If you are beginning to notice usually talkative and productive staff take a back seat and blend into the background more, it could be a sign they are struggling. 

Also, when people stop asking questions and getting involved in discussions – it can be a sign they’re overworked or experiencing excessive stress. We tend to shut off and deal with our metal implications silently. However, it’s unlikely any benefit will be seen by doing this. You’ll probably notice things getting worse!

With this in mind, mental health is greatly linked to the impact of pressure and so ensuring everyone has a sustainable workload and line of communication when things get busy is essential in driving productive and happy employees. 

Inability to focus

A large portion of people struggling with mental well-being complains of the inability to focus throughout the day. Even if it’s an easy, mundane task that they could usually complete in 5 minutes – it may now take them an hour instead.

This can be really frustrating and cause staff to miss deadlines or submit work of poor quality. Nobody will intentionally fall behind if they enjoy their role. So having this added pressure and being unable to keep up is often seriously disheartening. 

In order to maintain focus and put your all into the work you do, we need to be able to rest and relax in between. Only then will our mind recover enough to do the same again the next day. 

Long days with few or no breaks and the continuous stress of certain roles don’t allow switching off. We’ve written a blog previously explaining the mental well-being benefits of an office massage.

Releasing a number of ‘happy hormones’ throughout the day will keep staff uplifted and motivated to take on new challenges. It also helps maintain working relationships and improve job satisfaction. 

So if you want to hold onto those brilliant, loyal staff members – get in touch!

Other Ways To Combat Pressure In The Workplace

As cliche as it sounds, communication is key. You really can’t do anything without understanding your employees and what their struggles or concerns are. While it is important to talk in departments and make sure everyone is on the same page, try and allocate some time for staff to talk one on one with a manager or senior employee.

This way, you can reassure them that personal difficulties will be heard and, to the best of your ability, strategies will be put in place to help them. 

As well as this, it is super important to understand when people may need time out. Desk jobs are known for keeping people sat at their screens all day with as little as half an hour away. Not only is this bad for the mind, but their bodies will suffer along with it. 

Just a 15-minute office massage will give them an opportunity to enjoy relaxation and stress relief as well as focus on something other than work. It’s proven to create a far more enjoyable atmosphere and encourage people to return to their desks with a clear mind. Great for writer’s block! (Or anything of that sort.)

The Impact Of Pressure In The Workplace

This April, we hope you will be taking the time to appreciate the common stresses your employees face every day. Once we can become more empathetic, we will begin to notice when certain people perhaps need extra support or time out – before they have to tell you.

But, stress awareness month is also a great excuse to get into some new habits. Whether that’s daily office walks, the odd afternoon out for drinks or a monthly office massage – your employees will love it and they’ll all feel so much better for it.

Now is the time to tackle excess stress and the symptoms and struggles that come with it. If we keep avoiding this topic, loyal staff are going to pick up and find a role where they are appreciated and heard. Plus, overworked employees will never provide you the results you are looking for! So get in touch today to book your first massage with us.

You won’t even have to leave the office…