Did you know?

Looking down at your mobile phone puts around 60 pounds of pressure on your spine as apposed to 12 pounds when standing straight!!!😱

It’s obvious that it will put stain on your back and cause pain Β πŸ™„

Simply put; In the posture above your Pectoral Muscles have shortened while your Trapezius muscles have lengthened to hold this pose.

More technically put; Β Β it requires isometric contraction of the musculature of humeral flexion at the glenohumeral joint to hold the arm out in the air. Foremost among these muscles is the anterior deltoid. Holding the arm out in flexion also requires stabilization of the scapula, which requires contraction of and therefore stress to the upper trapezius. And if the person also adds in elevation of the shoulder girdle to hold the phone up higher, it places even greater stress on the upper trapezius, as well as the levator scapulae. Therefore, excessive engagement of this posture can lead to anterior deltoid strain as well as strain of the upper trapezius and levator scapulae.

You can correct this 😊
Try not tilting your head down, keep it up and bring your phone higher to meet it. Remember you have a range of motion with your eyes.

Meanwhile these 2 stretches are a quick and easy fix when preformed regularly

πŸ’œ Sit or stand with your hands clasped behind your head. Open your elbows out to the side and squeeze your shoulder blades back. Feel a stretch in the front of your chest. To increase, bring your head and shoulders backward slightly to arch the upper middle back. Hold 10-20 seconds and then slowly release.

πŸ’œ Sit at the edge of your seat. Legs apart with your feet turned out at a 45 % angle. Hang your arms loosely at your sides with your palms facing forward. Sit up straight, your head back over your shoulders. Breath in and out 10 times, repeat.

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