We are all probably very aware of the increase of Mental Ill Health surrounding the effects of Covid-19. We are also probably very aware of the need to change the stigma associated with Mental Health.

Slowly we are realising that just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there!!

So I took the opportunity of the lockdown to do my MHFA training and am so enlightened by everything I learnt.

I think my main issue was knowing what to say!!

Naturally we want to give an answer, advice or reassurance, but this is such a tricky one.

My main reason for setting up Tranquil Therapies as an on-site corporate chair massage company was due to the stress and pressure I had personally felt after 10 + years in a sales office environment.

There are such highs and lows in any role, Sales being slightly more obvious. I often wished for just a 15 minute respite, some me-time, a hug or a reassuring pat on the back from a colleague. Having had  to stop my beauty career due to allergic reactions to the potions used, I did know how Massage does work holistically and not just while the massage is being performed. The after effects are amazing.

Of course, Chair massage is over clothes so no oils need to be used, hence the lightbulb moment.

Sorry, I digressed slightly!! Getting back to the theme and Mental Health First Aid.

It is not a course that will make you a councillor or have the ability to diagnose, it just allows you the confidence of knowing what and when to say it.

It has also just strengthened my belief that a massage in the work place is essential!!!

Like any regular first aid course, it allows you to take control if you are the first at the scene and the knowledge of who to refer to for further assistance.

They give you the anagram of ALGEE which is the action plan they advise.

A = Approach, Assess and Assist

L = Listen and communicate non-judgementally

G = Give support and information

E = Encourage appropriate professional help

E = Encourage other supports

If you do get the opportunity to take this course, I would highly recommend it. This last year has opened a lot more wounds and caused a lot more distress to so many people, the more of us that have the tools to help, the better our world will be 😁

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