Perhaps it’s time we stopped considering Massage an indulgence!!

Let’s look at some of the facts you can look up on the internet:

  • In 2018/19 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 44% of all work-related ill health cases and 54% of all working days lost due to ill health.
  • Stress is taking its toll on our society and costing the NHS over 165,000 bed days per year with a cost to the public of £71.1 million.
  • Higher earners (i.e. those earning more than £40,000) are the most likely to experience work-related stress – 72%

That’s a lot of stress and lost revenue

What can you do?

We are so fortunate we are in an age that is beginning to accept Mental Health as an illness as much as a physical ailment.

No-doubt you have heard of massage being good for stress and aids relaxation and sleep.

However! Did you realize that there are medical facts to support this?

We have several hormones in our body controlling our mood;

  • Dopamine-the happy hormone
  • Serotonin-the calming hormone
  • Endorphins-the body’s natural pain relievers
  • Cortisol-the stress hormone
  • Adrenaline-fight and flight hormone

By performing specific massage strokes in order to promote blood flow towards the heart, overall Dopamine levels are increased due to an improvement in circulation and lymphatic flow. This influences your mood and your ability to focus,

Cortisol is elevated during times of stress, which leads to symptoms such as sleep deprivation, anxiety, aggression and others. Having a massage helps to reduce levels of this hormone, leading to greater feelings of relaxation, improved sleep and ability to think more clearly.

Massage stimulates your nervous system and balances the hormones: Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphins. This leads to a state of calmness and euphoria while relieving pain.

Guess what?  Having an on-site bi-weekly, monthly 10-20-minute chair-massage will do all of the above for you for just £10.00-£25.00

So, as I was saying… “Perhaps it’s time we stopped considering Massage an indulgence!!”

Relax, we come to you mental wellness mental health