Who doesn’t love a good massage, (Answers below please😊)

They help you relax, relieve stress and in the case of scalp massages, are believed to help with hair growth

Science does back this up, by enhancing the blood flow and circulation, the hair receives all the nutrients it needs for growth.  The best massage techniques for this, are the slight pulling on the hair and the tapping on the scalp

In addition, they feel fantastic, can be used to relax or to re-energize, remove brain fog and great to do right before you wash your hair as it will help to loosen any flaky particles and stimulate your production of sebum.

Steps to Massage your Scalp

  • Mentally divide your hair into four to eight quadrants with a parting down the centre. You should work on one area at a time on either side.
  • Using your fingertips only (keep your nails out of it), begin at your temples, massaging a small section in this area. Move your fingertips in small circular motions. Keep your pressure firm yet comfortable
  • As you move the pads of your fingers, you will be able to feel how tight your scalp is. If you are feeling incredibly stressed, your scalp will feel like it is solid and stuck firmly to your skull. By massaging and relaxing, this will loosen, and you should feel a lot more movement by the end
  • It makes is easy to understand how hair growth is slowed when the oxygenated blood cannot flow freely.
  • Work your way back in small sections, always using your fingertips for massaging. Don’t neglect the area around your ears. Remember, this is a scalp massage, so keep your fingers on your scalp, not on top of your hair. You can use your nails at the end to stimulate and re-energize
  • Focus on one section at a time on either side of the head, working all the way back to the nape of your neck.