I’m sure you wouldn’t say no to a relaxing spa day with the use of all the luxury facilities. It’s a brilliant way to invest time into self-care and release the worries of the week just gone. However, the effort of planning and booking a day off work or finding a free weekend can be a pain. 

Although, many of the benefits of the spa can still be enjoyed through a massage for offices. Onsite treatment means that employees do not need to travel or use up valuable annual leave. 

This means they will be refreshed and relaxed for the rest of the day. Not only that, but it will likely cost a fraction of a day at the spa. You’ll still get all the benefits without having to fork out for facilities you don’t necessarily want. 

Taking time out to invest in your employees will benefit their wellness and allow them to feel more appreciated. It is important for keeping morale high and remember that there is more to the day than work, work, work! 

Giving them this chance to regularly relax and enjoy the physical benefits as well can improve efficiency throughout your workplace. If you’re looking for a way to relieve stress and produce happier employees, this could well be the answer. 

Massage For Offices – Improve Cognition

Sometimes we all just need to step away and clear a stuffy head when certain tasks or problems become too much. Having sat at our desks for long periods of time, it quickly becomes hard to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. 

Even a quick 10-minute chair massage has been shown to significantly improve employees’ mental abilities and problem-solving skills. This happens by allowing your mind to refocus and your whole body to reset for a while.

Once you return to your desk your head will be clear and you can approach work from a new mindset. This fresh perspective can do wonders for complex issues and allow you to think more creatively. A quick break won’t impact the workday to any extent so we should be encouraging this time for relaxation and reflection. 

Increased Blood Flow

We all get to a certain point in the day and notice our energy levels dropping. Usually, after lunch, the impact of repetition and low activity levels can begin to take effect. It’s that afternoon slump where we reach for caffeine and sugar. But there is a much healthier way of pushing through. 

A massage for offices can help improve the least productive time in our day by increasing blood flow and waking up our bodies. It’s not that we need extra calories or a coffee fix – we just need to boost blood flow to the cells and remind them that we should still be up and moving. 

This will help kick your brain back into gear as well as reduce those tired legs and droopy eyes. Even after a short treatment, you’ll notice your team becoming more alert and attentive – greatly increasing the efficiency of their work. 

Reduce Mistakes

When we’re flagging towards the end of the week, we tend to have been through some workplace stresses as well as building up tension in our personal lives. Tense employees are far more likely to make mistakes or become forgetful. As this can heavily impact the quality of work and speed of output – it is important to invest in their wellness. 

As well as this, the pain will be even more of a distraction. Many of us suffer from aches and pains that make it hard to concentrate. When you have important work to focus on, the last thing you want to be worrying about it backache or sore muscles. When we remain engaged, employees are able to think clearly and overcome hurdles in a more logical manner. 

A quick professional massage for offices can help target problem areas in our bodies and reduce the pain and inflammation causing trouble. If your employees are complaining of discomfort or have even got to the point where the pain is interfering so much they’re making mistakes – it might be time to call in the professionals!

massage for offices


Spark Creativity

It is very hard to thrive in a stressful environment. Your best ideas will begin to flow when you are relaxed, happy and fully engaged in work. That’s why we tend to feel far more ready to take on the world after a nice holiday or a long weekend. This time for relaxation and switching off can release the stress that’s blocking our creativity.

Regular massage will calm you and allow those creative ideas to flow. With too much else to think about or multiple problems to solve, we forget to use our time to simply think. This can lead to rash decisions or missing out on innovative solutions.

Creativity goes hand in hand with efficiency. When your employees are given the opportunity to shine and incorporate their skills, you will notice a much higher quality of work as well as a team who is invested in what they do. 

Simply put, they will be more willing to put extra time and effort into each task. As a business owner, it should be a priority to ensure all your team enjoy their role and feel valued. A quick massage for offices semi-regularly will give them extra time away from the desk as a reward for their hard work. It will benefit the company with increased efficiency as well as benefit their own wellness and mental health. 

Improve Mental Health

Every day, thousands if not millions of people miss work due to stress, anxiety and depression. Not only does this cost employers money, but it can greatly affect productivity and general wellbeing. Whether influenced by work or external factors – there is no doubt that it can result in poor work performance.

We can often allow our mental health to fall onto the back burner and prioritise workload or other stresses in life. This is a horrible habit to fall into as it can be hard to recuperate from. Prolonged stress and poor mental health can have lasting effects on our physical stature too. 

Massage is scientifically proven to help brain health and mental conditions. This will benefit your employees in more ways than one. A better night’s sleep is vital for any level of productivity during the day. Only when your body is fully refreshed will you be capable of producing your best work and doing so at the most efficient rate. 

Low dopamine levels can result in a lack of motivation, fatigue and trouble concentrating. So a regular massage for offices will boost these happy hormones – getting employees back in the right mindset to power through the day and enjoy themselves. 

Company Culture

The environment and people you surround yourself with will have a direct effect on your mood and thoughts about the company as a whole. The culture of a business consists of behaviours and ethics displayed by everyone around. 

You may remember a time when one or more colleagues seemed particularly stressed. This can often rub off on our own mood and create a rather tense atmosphere across the office. Dealing with these people in groups can also affect the quality of project work and diminish morale in general. 

A massage for all the team will encourage participation across the office and allow everyone to achieve the same benefits. Making this a semi-regular occurrence will give people something to look forward to and boost the moods of everyone around. This helps to develop a more positive culture and keep everyone involved. 

The Office Massage

I have over 30 years of experience in beauty therapy and have noticed the significant changes in the industry over the years. The power of massage has remained as true as it was in the 16th century. 

It is because of this that I still heavily advocate for a massage for offices. You don’t need a whole day out at the spa to enjoy the benefits it can bring either. Simply making the time to give your employees a relaxing session can make or break their efficiency and mental wellbeing. 

A better night’s sleep, relief of sore muscles and improve company culture will give you plenty of benefits in the long run. Not only for you but for the employees as well.