Corporate Chair Massage

Let’s talk about the impact of stress on our body and how it affects us…

  • Our stress is constantly increasing, affecting our productivity and work performance

  • Stress damages our immune system

  • Start ups are being recognized as a stressful environment

  • Prevalence of stress: 30% – 75%

  • Research states that massage drops stress levels by up to 73%

  • This empowers you to persist under pressure and perform better physically, intellectually, and emotionally at work!

Designed by massage therapists, the Office Massage brings expertise and ease to stressed-out workers in a modern office environment. 

The Office Massage has taken pains to design a clean, efficient process that doesn’t interfere with your working environment and productivity.

So to empower your staff with the tools for higher performance. contact us for further information.

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10 minutes neck, shoulders and back



20 minutes scalp, neck, shoulders and back



30 minutes arms, scalp, neck, shoulders and back


Bespoke packages available (20% off events with 20 massages or more)

Minimum callout £150.00

Weekly = VIP + 10% Reduction


Monthly = VIP + 10% Reduction


Quarterly = VIP + 10% Reduction